Anton smiling in the PNW forest

Anton Kovalyov

Software Engineer in Seattle. Currently working at Kodex.

These days I mostly focus on working around Trust & Safety problems on the Internet. In the past, I had the pleasure of working as a Software Engineer and Engineering Manager at Abnormal Security, Medium, Reddit, Mozilla, and Disqus.

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Notable Projects (Past and Present)

There are more smaller projects on my GitHub page.


Recently I started blogging again. Mostly about software engineering but also about other topics.

Medium Archive

This is a list of articles (excluding comments) I wrote on Medium. It’s automatically generated from my Medium export, processed via MEH. Please note that some of them are quite old and may not be relevant anymore.

Your code is just your code

Your code is just your code.

It is not your life.
It is not who you are.
It is your code.

Some of your code is concise and clear.
Some of your code is muddy.

Sometimes your code needs refactoring.
Sometimes you need to leave it alone.

Keep sorting this out.
You will learn this by writing code.

Please enjoy it!