Your code is just your code.

It is not your life.
It is not who you are.
It is your code.

Some of your code is concise and clear.
Some of your code is muddy.
Sometimes your code needs refactoring.
Sometimes you need to leave it alone.

Keep sorting this out.
You will learn this by writing code.

Please enjoy it!

Inspired by Buddha in Blue Jeans, a wonderful tiny Zen guide on sitting quietly and being Buddha.

oh, right

it’s early evening
i’m sitting at my desk
spending hours i will never get back
staring at the screen
to figure out what’s wrong

oh, right
offset += offset + sentence.length


at home
the cat is here too
we are one
i sleep, he sleeps
i eat, he eats
i write code, he licks his butthole
it’s quite the same, really.

leaky pipes

was watching a news segment
about napa earthquake
and leaky pipes
and technicians
who had to fix them.

they were upset.
they would go to fix one pipe
only to discover more around it.

and all of the sudden
they needed to fix the whole block.
they said they were outnumbered.

i thought, hold on a second.
this sounds familiar.
this sounds like every day.

one bug fixed.
lifetime of them to go.


late again
i go from one room
to another
forever lost
and always in a hurry.